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  • 5 star rating  My dad was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, at his early fifties and was being advised to be very careful and meticulous in following the diet plan that has been specified by my physician. Other than having diabetes I felt fit, happy and healthy.

    On the same whim of being diagnosed with such a mighty disease, I decided to get my full body checkup done. My test revealed that in future, I may face a trouble... read more

    Adam Evans Avatar Adam Evans
  • 5 star rating  Since I was almost 55 years old, I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I continued to live with it till today, when I am 75. I had been an impassionate speaker and always eager to share my diabetes experience with others or to my loved ones. I am treating myself extremely fortunate to have treated with a breakthrough treatment, which gave me new life to live and enjoy.

    I had very odd symptoms... read more

    Abraham Norris Avatar Abraham Norris
  • 4 star rating  My son has dealt with autism with many challenges. He is my second baby and was a normal baby at the time of his birth. Till he was two years old, we didn’t know that he is suffering with a disorder, identified to be an autism.

    Till he was 2 years old, he couldn’t speak. Initially, we though even his dad had a delayed speech, so is he! He started blabbering by then, we decided to... read more

    Nancy Flores Avatar Nancy Flores
  • 5 star rating  In case of disastrous attack like stroke, we always tend to think that well, it will not be going to happen to me; but, the real truth is that it can happen to anyone, anytime!

    On Thursday, 15th June, 2017, my inspiring husband, who was 34 at that time had hemorrhagic stroke, resulting in more than 2 cm bleed in the left side of his brain. That when our life changed significantly. Although, he could recover... read more

    Alyssa Jordan Avatar Alyssa Jordan
  • 5 star rating  Improved body movements, improved speech, better flexibility, I never thought that I would get back all these when I suffered from a stroke six months back while working on the site. However, now I believe that miracles do happen, and my miracle was Stem Cell Therapy, and Giostar made this miracle possible for me, and helped me to combat my trauma and overcome my weaknesses to get my normal life back. The initial stages was... read more

    Derek Craft Avatar Derek Craft
  • 5 star rating  I am 45 years old, a dad of two boys and underwent lifesaving stem cell therapy with GIOSTAR, just two weeks ago. The stem cell therapy so far believed to be a controversial treatment option, with multiple treatment outcome. But life gave me only two choices, either to wait for suitably matched liver and die in its wait or to opt for stem cell therapy and give it a chance; and I chose a second... read more

    Rajnish Sahni Avatar Rajnish Sahni
  • 5 star rating  My mother diagnoses with ALS, almost at the age of 59 years. Within a year, she had flares of muscle weakness and baffled speech. She started dragging her feet often, while walking and sometimes she used to suddenly trip as well. Although, her symptoms were random and rapidly progressive; we had to take immediate decisions regarding her treatment.

    Doctors almost disheartened us by their straight forward answers, that ALS is not curable! In spite of their... read more

    Emanuel Townsend Avatar Emanuel Townsend
  • 5 star rating  I am a retired banker, and at the age of 52, I came to know that I am suffering with diabetes; I still remember the day, when I had to travel to New York in a van, on some official tour. Every 15-20 mins, I had to stop for the loo! I felt terrible at that time, and felt for the first time, something was wrong in me. As soon as, I was back to... read more

    George Mclaughlin Avatar George Mclaughlin
  • 4 star rating  I got affected with type 1 diabetes, when I was completing my final year of engineering. I hated injections and I was being told that I will have to be dependent upon it till my death. This was pretty discouraging to me. However, I had no option at that time, so decided to cope up with it through disciplined life style. Although, that is always helpful but somewhere at the back of my mind, I... read more

    Sneha Gupta Avatar Sneha Gupta
  • 5 star rating  I was obese, I knew, but I tried my level best to keep my metabolism high, so it was a shock for me, when I saw diabetes type-2 in my medical report. I went for another test, but the results did not change. I was not as nervous for diabetes as I was for the consequences of the condition, as I knew that this puts me at the risk of suffering eye damage, nerve damage,... read more

    Peter Watson Avatar Peter Watson
  • 5 star rating  The first time when I entered Giostar to get Stem Cell Therapy, I was very nervous. I was never sure about getting regenerative treatment for ALS, but I did not want to lose my battle so easily, so I pushed myself and the rest was handled by doctors at Giostar. At every step, they were by my side, and not only cleared all my doubts, but also ensured that I get the best ALS Treatment.... read more

    Franklin Moreira Avatar Franklin Moreira
  • 5 star rating  My friend Sandy was the parent of a child with cerebral palsy, a full-time mother and an advocate too. It was a real difficult time for her to manage through her busy schedule. According to her, if she wants a better family, a better education and that extra care to her child with special needs, she had to do it all and is as well worried about other parents of children with special needs, what... read more

    Drishti Ghatke Avatar Drishti Ghatke
  • 5 star rating  I still remember that black day, when I had a major fall in the washroom, and apparently in the same month. i.e. October 2015 when I was 36 years old; I had been diagnosed with ALS. I have been informed that ALS is a terminal neurodegenerative disorder, setting off the progression of degenerative diseases. My specialist told me that I will be experiencing gradual muscular weakness, paralysis and eventual death. Well, that was scary, but... read more

    Amanda Henry Avatar Amanda Henry
  • 5 star rating  I was a property dealer and had to visit many places in search of a business. Almost two years ago, I still remember myself to be on a business trip with one of my clients. We were at site and unfortunately, since the lift was not working, both, me and my client were climbing steps. Suddenly, I could realize that something was going wrong with my feet, before I could do anything, I collapsed. When... read more

    David Vance Avatar David Vance
  • 4 star rating  Hi, I am 26 and I had ear arthritis. Even I never knew I would be suffering with such a weird disease any time in my life. It is although very painful to bear; all my ears, jaws and neck used to be very painful and rigid. It used to get flared up any point of time. I used to always be burdened up with the tension any time of the day.

    Initial bad pain, forced... read more

    Zane Leite Avatar Zane Leite
  • 5 star rating  I thought I had to live with diabetes and injections forever but I can never thank enough my friend who suggested Giostar to me for Diabetes Treatment with stem cells. One of the best stem cell research centers in India with its headquarters in USA, Giostar gave me my normal life back. I can feel my symptoms reversing and my strength coming back. Doctors and staff at Giostar not only educated me about the magic... read more

    Quentin Ryan Avatar Quentin Ryan
  • 5 star rating  On top of the world, I am quite a fit persona; a reasonably mature 53-year-old woman, married with two beautiful daughters, which I raised at the time, as a single mother. However, I had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, almost nine months ago. The time was very frustrating and painful for me and my daughters.

    Fortunately, I received a good treatment from my doctor, who as well offered me a stem cell therapy. I had been... read more

    Mia Edwards Avatar Mia Edwards
  • 5 star rating  For everyone their child is special, but what happens when you realize, that you child is not just special but has some special needs and is different from other children. This can be hard for many parents and even for the child affected with autism. We went through the same trauma, when we realized that our niece is behaving differently in the very early stages of her childhood. Expressing her thoughts was difficult for her... read more

    Nairam Fisher Avatar Nairam Fisher
  • 4 star rating  I am 54 years old and one year ago I had been diagnosed with critical liver cirrhosis, due to excessively chronic fatty liver. I came to know, I am in a serious trouble, when the white part surrounding my retina turned yellow. I went to the specialist and they declared me to be suffering with liver cirrhosis. At the time as well, I only had the option of liver transplantation. However, I ignored it due... read more

    Drew Hughes Avatar Drew Hughes
  • 4 star rating  My niece was just 12-year-old and finished her 6th grade; that was the point, when she began to experience shortness of breath, severe headache and constant pain in her hand or wrist. Initially, her dad ignored her complaint thinking them to be kind of excuses she is drawing to skip her studies, however, when complaints become frequent and she started becoming pale; they counselled her to a pediatrics. He at first diagnosed it to be... read more

    Tania Thakur Avatar Tania Thakur
  • 4 star rating  On September 2015, when I was 34 years, I had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. My doctor told me that it is a kind of terminal neurodegenerative disorders, which actually cannot be cured. I had been informed that my muscles will be wasted and I may feel weakness in my muscles or I may be suffering with paralysis, in the later stage.

    I had never heard much about the disease, except for its... read more

    Ann Joseph Avatar Ann Joseph
  • 5 star rating  Jane, my dear little brother is the living proof that anything can be achieved, if you really wish to! The 24-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes type 1, at the end of May 2016. He got really upset, when he realized that he is suffering with diabetes. However, soon he realized that his life is being saved, after which he took some time to reflect and realize that his not so healthy food choices, are responsible... read more

    Marie Rose Avatar Marie Rose